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Kipware Real World Software
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CNC Program Conversion Software

Can you answer YES to any of these questions?

......... Is your shop equipped with multiple CNC's with multiple CNC controls?
......... Do you have Fanuc ( or "fanuc compatible" ), Haas AND Okuma controls?
......... Have you ever developed a CNC program for a machine ... then had to re-write it to run on an alternate machine?
......... Do you feel trapped into buying new equipment with the same CNC controls for fear of the "control incompatibility" issue?
......... Are your programmers and your shop divided and limited because some know one control and some know the other controls?
......... Are you a machine tool salesperson who loses sales because of the "control incompatibility" issue?

If so, Kipware® Conversion Software can help. Text Editors and Search and Replace as a means of G code conversion are inefficient, impractical and the degree of success is limited. KipwareXC® and Kipware® CNC XChange will save your shop hundreds of hours, allow your shop the flexibility to be more productive and allow your personnel to become more efficient by handling all of the scenarios above, and more ... all automatically ... all using only your existing G code text file ... no CAD or CAM file is required.

KipwareXC-CNC Program Conversion Software KipwareXC®
CNC Program Conversion Software
User configurable G Code conversion software.
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CNC XChange-CNC Program Conversion Software CNC XChange®
CNC Program Conversion Software
Off-the-shelf Versions include
Fanuc ( and Haas ) to Okuma OSP
... and REVERSE ... and others.
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Need a CUSTOM Application ?

If your shop floor is faced with an issue that is causing inefficiencies and bottlenecks ... we invite you to CONTACT the Kentech Inc. CSD unit to discuss possible options and solutions that can be created through our intelligent, custom software development.

Custom machine shop and CNC software development

Kentech Inc. - C.S.D. Unit

Strategic Business Unit for Custom Software Development