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Kipware Real World Software
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CNC Programming Training and Reference Software
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Why KipwareEDU® ?

KipwareEDU® is Kentech Inc.'s CNC Programming Training Software. Books...too boring. Videos...completely useless for searching or referencing. KipwareEDU® combines the ease and use of a PC with "Real World" text explanations and 3D Tool Animation complete with Voice Explanations to make learning CNC programming fun and challenging.

KipwareEDU® Uses

  • Individual: You can further your shop floor skills even if you're not a CNC programmer. The knowledge gained by learning with KipwareEDU will help you see the "whole picture" of CNC machining. It will shed new light on the areas you may be confused about and in the process make you a better operator and enhance your chances for advancement. In addition, the other "non programming" areas of KipwareEDU will help advance other shop floor skills.

  • Shop Floor Use: Companies put KipwareEDU on their shop floor PC's and let their personnel use it for reference and CNC training. If the programming department has a question - use KipwareEDU as a "live" programming manual. If operators want to learn more about why their machine does what it does, KipwareEDU is the perfect reference tool - quick, complete and easy to use.

  • Shop Training: You can give it to key employees to take home and learn CNC programming at their own pace in the comfort of their own home. We have many customers who use KipwareEDU as part of their in-house training program. It's amazing what a little interest in your employees can do for a shop's morale, attitude, and efficiency. KipwareEDU is a win-win deal for both employer and employee.

  • Technical Schools and Colleges: We currently have many technical schools and colleges that use KipwareEDU for CNC training in their shops, lab, or combine the power of KipwareEDU with their curriculum. We also have schools that re-sell KipwareEDU in their bookstores for their students to purchase and use later in the "real world". School discounts are availabe, contact Kentech Inc. for more information.

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KipwareEDU® Features

  • Text Explanations full of "Real World" experience - The KipwareEDU designers have many years of "in the trenches" experience as shop programmers and programming instructors. Therefore KipwareEDU goes beyond just teaching CNC programming and adds "real life" meaning and assitance for shop floor personnel as they learn CNC.

  • 3D Animations complete with Voice Explanations - KipwareEDU offers easy to follow 3D animation explanations for many of the controls. These animations are accompanied by a voice explanation to make it that much easier to learn CNC and CNC programming. Our animation is designed to show our "real world" experience instead of just a pretty picture. They are simple and easy to use without all of the bells and whistles to get in the way and confuse ... simple yet powerful CNC training.

  • More CNC Controls - While most software and training manuals only offer information about 1 type of CNC control, KipwareEDU offers information about ALL MAJOR CONTROLS. KipwareEDU is COMPLETE CNC programming training and built to be relevant for the long haul.

  • Easy to Use - KipwareEDU is a user-friendly program that allows our customers to learn at their own speed. Its easy to use interface also makes it a great reference tool for CNC operators and programmers. We offer straighforward menus which makes it easy to navigate through the software. Our animation is also very easy to use and our controls make it simple to toggle between the graphical and text explanations for a pleasurable CNC training experience.

  • A Complete Package - The basic KipwareEDU package combines the testing WIZARDS, OPERATOR PANEL trainer, and optional BACKPLOTTING SOFTWARE to create a complete comprehensive CNC programming training package for individual, corporate or technical school use.

  • Low Cost - Learn CNC with professional instruction at a cost everyone can afford!!

  • Advanced Training - KipwareEDU® now goes beyond just CNC programming and operation training, our Fanuc Custom Macro B Version and Manufacturing Engineering Version will bring you or your shop personnel to the next level ... and that means increased EVERYTHING !!!

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KipwareEDU® Content

  • Progamming Nomenclature
  • Program Format
  • Programming Codes
  • Cartesian Coordinates
  • Absolute and Incremental Positioning
  • Part Zero
  • Tool Offsets
  • G Codes
  • M Codes
  • Sub-Programming
  • Advanced Topics including Thread Milling, Pocket Milling and Circular Cutting with circular infeed and exit.
  • Turning Wizard - test your programming knowledge on a variety of on-screen examples from the simple to the complex using tool-path plotting (comes standard with KipwareEDU Lathe version)
  • Milling Wizard - test your programming knowledge on a variety of on-screen examples from the simple to the complex using tool-path plotting (comes standard with KipwareEDU Mill Version)
  • Operator Panel Trainer - Learn what all the bells and whistles mean on a CNC operator panel. The design is an on-screen panel and the user simply pushes the button to learn (comes standard with both KipwareEDU Mill and Lathe versions)
  • Multi-Turn Version - Covers CNC programming for 3-8 axis turning centers including C axis, Y axis, Sub-Spindles, Double Turrets and more.
  • Fanuc Macro B Version - Covers CNC programming using the Fanuc Custom Macro B language. Real world TEXT instruction and explanations are combined with VIDEO instruction with voice that show the step-by-step creation of macros for a variety of applications ... from the simple to the complex.
  • Manufacturing Engineer (ME) Version - Covers tons of metaworking topics in great detail from materials, to machinery, to tooling, to coolant and so much more. An invaluable reference and training tool for any chipmaker.

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KipwareEDU® Versions

  • TURNING VERSION ... Complete Package Cost $275 (U.S.)
    • Fanuc All Models
    • Okuma OSP Controls
    • Fadal Controls
    • HAAS Controls
    • Yasnac LX Controls
    • Siemens Controls
  • MILLING VERSION ... Complete Package Cost $275 (U.S.)
    • Fanuc-All Models
    • Okuma OSP Controls
    • Fadal Controls
    • HAAS Controls
    • Yasnac MX Controls
    • Vickers 2100 CNC Controls
    • Siemens 840D Control
  • MULTI-TURN VERSION ... Complete Package Cost $175 (U.S.)
    • Includes Multi-Axis Turning centers from 3 - 8 including mill / drill turning machines
    • Y axis lathes
    • B Axis programming
    • MILL-DRILL programming for both standard and Y Axis turning centers
  • FANUC MACRO B VERSION ... Complete Package Cost $175 (U.S.)
    • Complete training for the Fanuc Custom Macro B programming language.
    • In-depth TEXT explanations for all the "real world" features of Macro B.
    • VIDEO with voice illustrate step-by-step creation of macros for a variety of applications including probing.
  • MANUFACTURING ENGINEERING (ME) VERSION ... Complete Package Cost $175 (U.S.)
    • References for tons of metalworking areas including :
    • Metalcutting Basics :
      • Basics of Chip Formation
      • Cutting Tool Geometry
      • Surface Finish
      • Machining Economics
    • Cutting Tools 101
      • Geometry of Cutting Tools
      • Tooling for Turning,Face Milling,Square Shoulder Face Milling and End Milling
      • Turning,Milling and Drilling Troubleshooter
    • Cutting Fluids and Industrial Lubricants
      • Functions of Cutting Fluids
      • Selection of Cutting Fluids
  • STUDIO VERSION ... Complete Package Cost $575 (U.S.)
    • Combine individual titles for a complete training package ... KipwareEDU® Studio contains :
    • KipwareEDU® Milling Version
    • KipwareEDU® Turning Version
    • KipwareEDU® Multi-Turn Version
    • Operator Panel Trainer
    • KipwareEDU® Milling Wizard
    • KipwareEDU® Turning Wizard
    • KipwareEDU® Milling Version
    • Available Options Include :
      • KipwareTP® EDitor and Toolpath Plotting Software ... $88
      • KipwareEDU® Fanuc Macro B Version ... $85
      • KipwareEDU® Manufacturing Engineering Version ... $85
      • KipwarePA® G Code Programming Asistant ... $88
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