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Kipware Real World Software
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Conversational CNC Programming Software for Milling
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What is Kipware® Conversational?

  • Kentech Inc. has been creating state-of-the-art conversational programming applications for over 25+ years.
  • Kipware® uses simple fill-in-the-blank forms to create powerful G code cycles for standard geometry.
  • For non-standard geometry, users can use the intuitive Kipware® SketchPad to draw toolpaths directly or import DXF files.
  • The Kipware® conversational approach allows novice programmers as well as experts to quickly and easily create G code programs.

KipwareM Series Video #1 - Conversational Programming Menus KipwareM Series Video #2 - Conversational Cycle Editing KipwareM Series Video #3 - Editing and Adding Cycles to the Tree
KipwareM Series Video #4 - Turning Conversational Cycles into a Main Program KipwareM Series Video 5 - Contouring with KipwareM® and the SketchPad

Click the thumbnails above to watch a video in our Kipware® Video Series

  • Video #1 - Create a machining cycle using a Kipware® conversational menu.
  • Video #2 - Explore the multiple options available for editing and viewing cycles created through the conversational menus.
  • Video #3 - Add other cycles and build a complex machining program using only the conversational menus.
  • Video #4 - Convert your conversational cycles into a complete G code machining program ready for operation.
  • Video #5 - Creating a Non-Standard Shape Contour with KipwareM® and the SketchPad.

Kipware® VS.
CAD/CAM ... "wizards" ... Conversational CNC Controls

Kipware® vs CAD/CAM

  • 95% of everyday CNC programming does not require a CAD/CAM system ... despite what the CAD/CAM companies tell you.
  • CAD/CAM is oftentimes overkill and can remove good chipmakers from the programming process ... slow down a production environment.
  • To create even the simplest programs ... a drawing is required ... and that requires you to have CAD and drawing experience ... and time.
  • Any chipmaker can create G code programs with Kipware® ... not just the "CAD/CAM guy".
  • Kipware® was designed by REAL machinists, CNC programmers and computer programmers from the shop floor up ... not just "computer guys". We incorporated things we wanted as machinists and programmers directly into our design and development.
  • Kipware® has a simple, easy-to-use user interface ... no complicated icon systems to remember like CAD/CAM systems.
  • Kipware® is a great compliment to a CAD/CAM system ... simpler programs can be created by anyone with Kipware® leaving the complex "stuff" for the CAD/CAM. Get more out of your CAD/CAM system.
  • Much less expensive ... in the short term and long term. The ROI (Return On Investment) with Kipware® is faster because you will be manufacturing more parts at a faster pace because of the simple design and ease-of-use and you can get more people involved in program creation.
  • It's not about the money though ... it doesn't matter what the cost ... even if it's free ... a CAD/CAM system does your shop no good if you can't produce a G code program, and manufacture parts and make money.
  • Still need full blown drawing / design / CAD capabilities? The FREE Draftsight program is a perfect companion for the CAD to Kipware®'s CAM. Create profesional drawings in Draftsight with dimensions and more ... then import through the DXF format into the Kipware® SketchPad and create G code from those drawings.

Kipware® vs "wizards" and conversational CNC controls

  • Two words ... OVERLY SIMPLISTIC. Everyday programming is NOT Rocket Science ... BUT it's NOT Kindergarten either.
  • All the so called "wizards" and conversational CNC controls give the user only simplistic menus that do not have any real power.
  • These designs include simplistic interfaces ... limiting the programmers capabilities and the type of workpieces and operations that can be programmed.
  • Not EVERY job in the shop is quick and easy and "wizards" do not have the ability to handle more complex machining when required ... or how about drawing or DXF import capabilities?
  • Unlike simplistic "wizards" ... Kipware® conversational is a complete programming system ... including conversational programming, conversational CAD/CAM, DXF importing, speed and feed wizard, toolpath plotting, full G code editing, toolbox software, programming assistant, and DNC communication software.
  • Kipware® conversational was NOT designed or developed by a "hobby machinist" ... and didn't come out of a "cookbook". Kipware® conversational was designed from the production shop floor up ... by professional machinists ... and includes powerful, real world shop programming features like cutter compensation ... rotation ... DXF importation capabilities ... canned cycles ... and more.
  • Kipware® software is our LIFE ... we don't do it for a hobby ... unlike un-supported "wizards" we FULLY support all our Kipware® titles ... 24/7/365.
  • If you are looking for a conversational CNC control ... the better option is a Surface tablet or laptop loaded with Kipware® conversational. This allows for programming multiple CNC machines with a single device and single interface. Just pick it up and move it around easily which allows for programming on the shop floor or in the office or even at home ... by multiple individuals. Now your conversational CNC includes powerful options and features including DXF import ... and the cost is less than $1200 (US).
Surface tablet + Kipware = Conversational CNC Programming

Kipware® vs Manual Coding

  • Simple operations like G coding a square pocket or multi-diameter shaft with chamfers is not that complicated .... but very tedious ... and is ripe for manual coding with errors like typos and incorrect coordinates. Kipware® Conversational was created by REAL machinists and CNC programmers who understand shop floor programming.
  • Beginner Programmers : the simple fill-in-the-balnk format of Kipware® conversational means no G code experience is required. Need to make a change ... all cycles can be recalled back into the fill-in-the-blank form so edits are conversational as well. Never see the G code if you don't want to.
  • Experienced Programmers : Kipware® gives the user immediate access to the G code for every cycle created. This makes a powerful tool for the experienced programmer who can cut and paste the G code auto created by Kipware® to create fast and efficient G code programs.
  • Kipware® conversational was designed from the shop floor up ... and contains powerful real world features like cutter comp and powerful machining options that we were always looking for on the shop floor as machinists and CNC programmers.
  • Knowing G code is a must-know skill ... undoubtably. But manually creating G code in today's day and age with tools like Kipware® available is just plain dumb.

Watch our animation ...
Kipware® Saves the Space Wizards


Watch our animation ...
CAD CAM Frustration

Stop CAD/CAM Overkill

Don't be fooled by G code wizards

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How Kipware Works

How Does Kipware® Conversational Work?

  • For everyday standard geometry … no drawing is required.
  • Select the desired cycle from the menu and complete the fill-in-the-blank form.
  • Kipware® then automatically creates and adds the cycle to the Program Tree.
  • Repeat the process for each machining operation for the part.
  • Previously created cycles can also be recalled and added to the Tree.
  • For non-standard geometry, toolpaths can be directly drawn in the SketchPad or DXF files can be imported … cycles are then created and added to the Program Tree.
  • G code for standard 3D type shapes ... cones, troughs, tapered pockets and bosses ... can easily be created through our ground-breaking 3D conversational option.
  • Once all the cycles are loaded in the Program Tree the complete G code program is created.
  • The G code program is displayed in the full Kipware® Editor for review or editing if desired.

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Kipware® Conversational Features

  • Previously created cycles can be recalled.
  • All cycles can be edited back in the conversational menu .
  • No G code programming experience required to create cycles.
  • Cycles can be copied then altered to easily create new cycles.
  • User defined ramping for all pocket milling cycles.
  • Easily create pocket and helical mill cycles for multiple locations like bolt circles, grid patterns or user defined locations.
  • Integrated toolpath back plotter allows users to view individual cycles or complete programs at any time during or after the programming process.
  • Import DXF files as stock into the back plotter and plot your G code directly over the DXF shape.
  • Integrated machine shop toolbox software gives users access to formulas, calculations, trig functions and more with just a few mouse clicks.
  • KipwareCSF® ... Machining Speed and Feed Wizard for Kipware® conversational ... included standard.
  • 4th Axis Programming Standard : If your machine has a full 4th axis ... operations such as XY Slotting ( straight or twisted ) ... Threading ... Engraving are included STANDARD !!
Kipware Does 4th Axis
  • 3D Conversational Option : G code for standard 3D type shapes ... cones, troughs, tapered pockets and bosses ... can easily be created through our ground-breaking 3D conversational option.
Kipware Does 3d !!
  • CNC Control and Compatibility ... Kipware® is compatible with these machines and controls out-of-the-box ... no "post processor" needed.
    • Basically ALL Fanuc controlled machines ... any Fanuc model ... any machine tool builder.
    • Centroid
    • Daewoo
    • DMG / Mori-Seiki
    • EMC2
    • Fadal
    • Haas
    • Hurco
    • Hyundai
    • Leadwell
    • Mach3
    • Makino
    • Milltronics
    • Mitsubishi CNC Controls
    • Okuma
    • Siemens
    • Tormach
    • Toyoda
    • ... many, many more ... too numerous to mention.
Kipware conversational Features

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KipwareM Includes 

Kipware® Conversational Full Version Includes :

  • Kipware® Conversational module for standard geometry programming.

  • Kipware® SketchPad:Conversational CAD/CAM for non-standard geometry.

  • KipwareCSF® : Machining Speed and Feed Wizard for Kipware® conversational.

  • KipwareTP®: integrated toolpath plotter and G code editor accessed directly from within Kipware® conversational or as a stand alone application.

  • KipwarePA®: a point and click code creation alternative makes creating G code quick and easy.

  • KipwareTB®: access to formulas, calculations, trig functions, tangency calculations and more from within Kipware® conversational or as a stand alone application.

  • KipwareDNC® : serial communication software to upload and download programs to / from your machine and PC..

  • 3D Conversational Option : G code for standard 3D type shapes ... cones, troughs, tapered pockets and bosses ... can easily be created through this optional module.

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KipwareM® Specifics

  • Fill in the blank forms are available for 30+ standard geometrical shapes:

    • Facing
    • Pocketing
    • Boss
    • Frames
    • Slots - Horizontal, Vertical, Linear, Radial
    • Helical Milling - ID / OD
    • Thread Milling - ID / OD
    • Bolt Circles
    • Grid Pattern

    • Holes-On-An-Angle
    • Engraving
    • Manual ISO Coding
    • Create Custom Drill Cycles that go beyond canned cycles.

  • Any standard type shape can be ROTATED at any angle with a single input … engrave on any angle.
  • Cycles can contain cutter compensation created all automatically.
  • Cycles can contain roughing … finishing … or both.
  • Climb or conventional mill … you decide.
  • Wall and / or floor finishing is user selectable.
  • Fully 4th Axis Compatible through our Custom EIA Cycle.
  • Users can create custom “posts” that will post blocks of user defined code in set places of the G code … like at the beginning of every tool, end of every tool, beginning and end of the program, etc.
  • KipwareCSF® ... Machining Speed and Feed Wizard for Kipware® conversational is included standard.
  • 4th Axis Option Standard : quickly and easily create complex programs for your 4th axis which include slotting ( straight and twisted ), threading, and engraving.
  • 3D Conversational Option Available : G code for standard 3D type shapes ... cones, troughs, tapered pockets and bosses ... can easily be created through our ground-breaking 3D conversational option.
KipwareM specifics

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KipwareM® Requirements
  • Requires a PC operating in Win '98 as a minimum operating system ... operates on Win '98, XP, Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8
  • Display monitor with a minimum resolution of 1024 x 768