KipwareM - Conversational CNC Programming Software for Milling

Since 1986, Kentech Inc. has been a leader, innovator and pioneer in PC based conversational CNC programming software combining over 25+ years of professional manufacturing experiences with innovative computer programming skills. Kipware® conversational is the PREMIER conversational CNC programming software on the market.

If you want the best ... you want Kipware®.

Some of the biggest names in manufacturing use Kipware software.

Kipware® Shop Floor Programming
CAD/CAM Programming

  • Not every workpiece needs to be run through a complex, expensive CAD/CAM system ... nor programmed by an experienced "CAD/CAM operator".

  • CAD/CAM was NEVER designed for everyday programming. It was designed for the engineering and design of complex aircraft and die mold programming.

  • By not requiring CAD nor CAD/CAM experience ... shop floor programming and Kipware® conversational opens the door for more programmers.

  • Shop floor programming has advantages for EVERY machining environment from home shops ... one man shops ... as well as multiple machine, production facilities.

  • Unlike conversational controls ... Kipware® is not locked to the machine and the hectic shop environment.

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Kipware® Video Series

Click any of the thumbnails below to watch a video in our Kipware® Video Series. Just start with video #1 and progress along to see and learn the complete Kipware® programming system ... hover on image for description.

KipwareM Series Video #1 - Conversational Programming Menus KipwareM Series Video #2 - Conversational Cycle Editing KipwareM Series Video #3 - Editing and Adding Cycles to the Tree
KipwareM Series Video #4 - Turning Conversational Cycles into a Main Program KipwareM Series Video 5 - Contouring with KipwareM® and the SketchPad KipwareM Conversational CNC Programming Software - 4 Axis Programming Example
KipwareM - Conversational 3D Machining Options Curved Surface 3D Programming with KipwareM DXF to G Code with KipwareM

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With KipwareM® ... Conversational

Some KipwareM Programming Examples
AND none of the above programming requires
CAD or CAD EXPERIENCE when using KipwareM® !!

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Kipware® White Papers
... because the DEVIL is in the DETAILS !!

Kipware conversational vs. G code wizards

Top 6 Reasons Why Kipware conversational

Kipware Compatibility

Is CAD/CAM Making Your Shop Dumber

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Shop Floor Programming VS CAd?CAM Programming

KipwareM® Includes ...

Whats Included With KipwareM - Conversational CNC Programming Software for Milling
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  • Kipware® Conversational module for standard geometry programming.

  • Kipware® SketchPad - Conversational CAD/CAM for non-standard geometry.

  • KipwareCSF® - Machining Speed and Feed Wizard for Kipware® conversational.

  • KipwareTP® - Integrated toolpath plotter and G code editor accessed directly from within Kipware® conversational or as a stand alone application.

  • KipwarePA® - Point and click code creation alternative makes creating G code quick and easy.

  • KipwareTB® - Machinist toolbox software for access to formulas, calculations, trig functions, tangency calculations and more from within Kipware® conversational or as a stand alone application.

  • KipwareDNC® - RS232 serial communication software to upload and download programs to / from your machine and PC..
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