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Since 1986, Kentech Inc. has been a leader, innovator and pioneer in PC based conversational CNC programming software combining over 25+ years of professional manufacturing experiences with innovative computer programming skills. Kipware® conversational is the PREMIER conversational CNC programming software on the market.

If you want the best ... you want Kipware®.

Some of the biggest names in manufacturing use Kipware software.

Kipware® Shop Floor Programming
CAD/CAM Programming

  • Not every workpiece needs to be run through a complex, expensive CAD/CAM system ... nor programmed by an experienced "CAD/CAM operator".

  • Shop floor programming is meant and designed specifically for the simpler, everyday type workpieces machined in 95% of shops around the world every day.

  • Shop floor programming harnesses the talent of chipmakers to assists them in creating powerful ... efficient ... accurate G code programs without the need for CAD ... CAD/CAM ... or even a CAD drawing.

  • By not requiring CAD nor CAD/CAM experience ... shop floor programming and Kipware® conversational allows for more personnel to become active in the programming process and that means increased efficiency and productivity.

  • CAD/CAM was NEVER designed for everyday programming. It was designed for the engineering and design of complex aircraft and die mold programming ... is oftentimes overkill and can remove good chipmakers from the programming process actually bogging down the manufacturing process.

  • Shop floor programming has advantages for EVERY machining environment from home shops ... one man shops ... as well as multiple machine, production facilities.

  • Kipware® conversational and shop floor programming is effective as a compliment to a CAD/CAM system allowing simpler, everyday programs to be created by anyone with Kipware® leaving the complex "stuff" for the CAD/CAM. Users can get more out of their CAD/CAM system and increase their shops output and efficiency.

  • Kipware® conversational was designed and created by machinists and real chipmakers to create fast, efficient and accurate CNC programs and includes powerful programming practices like canned cycles and cutter compensation all automatically.

  • Many CNC machines advertise "shop floor programming" but are limited by the fact that the CNC controls is not a personal computer. Kipware® conversational harnesses the power, flexibility and portability of the PC and laptop for greater power, efficiency and portability.

  • Unlike conversational controls ... Kipware® is not locked to the machine and provides the ultimate in portability. One PC or laptop running Kipware® conversational can be moved around and utilized to program multiple machines. In addition, PC based conversational frees the program creation from having to be done at the machine and within the hectic shop environment.
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Kipware® Video Series

Click any of the thumbnails below to watch a video in our Kipware® Video Series. Just start with video #1 and progress along to see and learn the complete Kipware® programming system.

KipwareM Series Video #1 - Conversational Programming Menus KipwareM Series Video #2 - Conversational Cycle Editing KipwareM Series Video #3 - Editing and Adding Cycles to the Tree
KipwareM Series Video #4 - Turning Conversational Cycles into a Main Program KipwareM Series Video 5 - Contouring with KipwareM® and the SketchPad KipwareM Conversational CNC Programming Software - 4 Axis Programming Example
KipwareM - Conversational 3D Machining Options Curved Surface 3D Programming with KipwareM DXF to G Code with KipwareM

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With KipwareM® ... Conversational

Examples with KipwareM - CNC programming software
Examples with KipwareM - CNC programming software
Examples with KipwareM - CNC programming software
Examples with KipwareM - CNC programming software
Examples with KipwareM - CNC programming software
Examples with KipwareM - CNC programming software

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Kipware® White Papers
... because the DEVIL is in the DETAILS !!

Kipware conversational vs. G code wizards

Top 6 Reasons Why Kipware conversational

Kipware Compatibility

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KipwareM® Includes ...

Whats Included With KipwareM - Conversational CNC Programming Software for Milling
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  • Kipware® Conversational module for standard geometry programming.

  • Kipware® SketchPad - Conversational CAD/CAM for non-standard geometry.

  • KipwareCSF® - Machining Speed and Feed Wizard for Kipware® conversational.

  • KipwareTP® - Integrated toolpath plotter and G code editor accessed directly from within Kipware® conversational or as a stand alone application.

  • KipwarePA® - Point and click code creation alternative makes creating G code quick and easy.

  • KipwareTB® - Machinist toolbox software for access to formulas, calculations, trig functions, tangency calculations and more from within Kipware® conversational or as a stand alone application.

  • KipwareDNC® - RS232 serial communication software to upload and download programs to / from your machine and PC..
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Questions? ... give us a call in the USA at (508) 754.1198 Ext #1

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