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Machine Shop Job Costing & Estimating Software
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KipwareQTE - Cost Estimating Software

Why KipwareQTE® ?

  • For over 25 years KipwareQTE® Machine Shop Quoting and Estimating Software has been helping all size manufacturers not only win more work, but win more profitable work.
  • KipwareQTE® is an easy-to-use, flexible application designed for manufacturers to accurately produce cost estimates based on customer RFQ’s
  • Spreadsheet based cost estimating processes can not compete with database based application like KipwareQTE® because of the consistency and accuracy that can be achieved using a database format.
  • Turn your cost estimates into Quotations, Bill of Materials, Invoices, and Packing Slips all directly from within KipwareQTE®.
  • “What IF” scenarios can easily be performed in KipwareQTE® to insure the estimate and quotation meets your requirements.
  • Scrap and re-work percentage based on user defined criterias can be easily included.

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KipwareQTE® ... Built for the Real World ...
From our over 25+ years of Real World shop floor experiences.

  • Material Cost :
    • Material costs can be stored in our unlimited capacity database for quick and easy inclusion into the estimate via a drop down menu.
    • Material costs can be stored in the database and used in the estimate in a variety of forms :
      • Weight
      • Length
      • Bar Stock
      • Plate Stock
      • Casting
      • Forging
      • Piece
    • KipwareQTE® contains a separate mark-up percentage for material cost so material can be priced individually.
    QTE Material Costs

  • Perishable Tooling Costs :
    • Do you currently include perishable tooling costs into your quotes and estimates?
    • Perishable tooling and their related costs can be stored in our unlimited capacity database for quick and easy inclusion into the estimate.
    • Based on the users “estimated tool life”, KipwareQTE® automatically includes the quantity and costs for the selected perishable tooling into the estimate.
    • KipwareQTE® contains a separate mark-up percentage for tooling costs so that perishable tooling costs can be priced individually.
    QTE Tooling Costs
  • Labor Costs :
    • Work centers and their related hourly rate and efficiency factor can be stored in our unlimited capacity database for quick and easy inclusion into the estimate.
    • Based on each work centers defined efficiency factor, KipwareQTE® automatically calculates what a cycletime actually means over the life of the quantity of parts being estimated.
    • Cycletime estimates produced within KipwareCYC® can be automatically loaded into KipwareQTE® and all associated cycletimes and work center costs are automatically calculated and added to the estimate.
    • KipwareQTE® contains a separate mark-up percentage for labor costs so labor costs can be priced individually.
    QTE Labor Costs

  • Non-Machining Costs :
    • Costs for CNC programming and machine set-up can be included in this area and contain their own hourly rates and mark-up percentages.
    • Other non-machining costs such as packing, deburring, plating, etc. can also be included in the estimate through this area.
    • Non-machining services along with their related costs can be stored in our unlimited capacity database for quick and easy inclusion into the estimate.
    • Non-machining services can be priced using a fixed cost or by using an individual hourly rate / per piece cost.
    • An unlimited number of non-machining costs can be included in an estimate
    QTE Non-Machining Costs

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QTE Reports

KipwareQTE® Report Features

  • Formatted Quotations can be prepared from estimates and can include up to(6) different quantities.
  • Quotations can be output to a KipwareQTE® customizable form … to a CSV ( spreadsheet ) form … or to a text form. Any form can be converted to a PDF file through the free CutePDF application.
  • Exploded Bill of Materials can be created from an estimate and can include all the requirements for material, perishable tooling, labor centers, and programming, set-up or other non-machining costs and services included in the estimate.
  • Formatted Packing Slips can be created directly from estimates
  • Formatted Invoices can be created directly from estimates.

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KipwareQTE® Setting Features

  • Currency symbols can be user defined or selected from a list of available symbols.
  • Calculation precision can be selected for (2) or (4) places beyond the decimal point.
  • Network Compatible – Users can store the database files in a central location and set the KipwareQTE® pointer to that location. This insures that all users are utilizing the same database information when producing quotes and estimates.
  • Payment terms, shipping options, quotation notes that would be included on a quotation form are all user configurable.
  • Users can easily add their company logo to any of the formatted forms within KipwareQTE®.
  • Quotes / Estimates created with KipwareQTE® can be auto-imported into KipwareTRK® with a single mouse click to enable them to be included in the tracking and analyzing features available in KipwareTRK®.
  • ASSEMBLY ESTIMATING : KipwareQTE® also includes our assembly estimating module where indiviudal estimates can be combined with an unlimited number of outside components to create an ASSEMBLY estimate and quotation with up to (6) different quantities. Many of the same features available in KipwareQTE® are available in KipwareQTE® Assembly.
QTE Setting Features

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