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UPDATE Definition




What is the definition of a Kipware® UPDATE


UPDATES are considered patches or fixes for error in the code within the software. UPDATES are usually provided free of charge for a period of (6) months from the date of purchase.


Normally we will send out email notifications when an UPDATE is available for a Kipware® title. However, oftentimes those emails can be erroneously re-directed to the JUNK, SPAM or TRASH folder of your email client.


Users can check this document periodically for current UPDATE information.


It is the users responsibility to request a current build should they wish to receive an UPDATE installation.


Requests can be made using a SUPPORT TICKET ... through the Support page at


The version numbering system for all Kipware® titles follows the following structure of XX.YY.ZZ where :


XX is the main version number indicating the MASTER version number. This number changes whenever major changes are released for a title.

YY is the sub-version number indicating minor updates and changes that have been released for a title. Minor changes may mean major changes depending on the user requirements and point of view.

ZZ is the bug fix version number and indicates the level of updates / bug fixes that have been released for a title.






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