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Upgrade Information for 06/09/2022 :

Kentech Inc. is pleased to announce the release of Version 19.0.0 of KipwareXC® containing user requested security enhancements.

Under the SETTINGS page ... users now have the ability to LOCK the editing of BOTH the MAIN and SECONDARY PROFILES using a Password protection feature as well as locking out the editing features in the KipwareXC® EDITOR once a file has been converted.



Users can select one or both of these settings independently.

Additional information and use of this function is available in the Kipware® MANUAL and VIDEO TRAINING websites.


Upgrade Information for 10/07/2021 :

Kentech Inc. is pleased to announce the release of Version 18.4.0 of KipwareXC®.

In this version we have added a feature to recalculate tapping feedrates from IPM to PITCH or PITCH to IPM.

Users have the ability to define the tapping G code to use as a trigger ... and to determine the direction of the conversion.





Upgrade Information for 03/19/2021 :

Kentech Inc. is pleased to announce the release of Version 18.0.0 of KipwareXC®.

In this version we have expanded on the LINE INSERTION and FILE INSERTION options from the previous limit of 3 option to now an unlimited number.

This feature uses a user defined TRIGGER CODE to search the G code file with the ability to insert a user defined line of code or a complete user designated file before or after the line where the trigger code is detected.

A screen shot of this feature is below :


Upgrade Information for 11/12/2020 :

Kentech Inc. is pleased to announce the release of Version 17.1.0 of KipwareXC®.

Added was a DELETE option in the KipwareXC® EDITOR allowing for the simple deletion of user defined characters or full commands

Enhanced FULL CIRCLE CONVERSION option. This option allows for the automatic division of full circle commands into -4- individual quadrant commands for machines / controls that lack the ability to mill full circles as they must be broken down into quadrants. This new enhancement includes the automatic division of Z axis moves for the quadrants if 3 axis circular cutting is employed in the original line(s).


Upgrade Information for 08/11/2020 :

Kentech Inc. is pleased to announce the release of Version 17.0.0 of KipwareXC®.

We have enhanced the use of the DELETE CODE IDENTIFIER to include it's use in the User Options. Users can now delete an ADDRESS and any data associated with the addess by using a user defined DELETE CODE IDENTIFIER in a Macro Statement. For example :


If the DELETE CODE IDENTIFIER is defined as $.

and the Original Code Macro is :


and the Replacement Code Macro as :


This would result in the conversion of the original G code line of


being converted to



The X and any associated data value is removed completely by the DELETE CODE IDENTIFIER ... along with the normal F replacement with K.


Upgrade Information for 09/16/2015 :

Kentech Inc. is pleased to announce the release of Version 15.0.0 of KipwareXC®.

Version 15 contain new ARC conversion options where the user can designate the conversion of single, complete circle command line into (4) individual quadrant commands. Users can designate the conversion of the single full circle command ( G02I2.250 for example ) into (4) command lines, one for each quadrant of the circle. Options are available to convert INCREMENTAL full circle command into INCREMENTAL quadrant commands as well as ABSOLUTE full circle command into ABSOLUTE quadrant commands.


Upgrade Information for 11/21/2014 :

Version 14.0.0 contains new and powerful INSERTION functions allowing users to designate a TRIGGER CODE and either a SINGLE LINE of information or complete TEXT FILES that can be inserted prior to or after the trigger code is detected during the conversion process.

(3) separate options are available for both SINGLE LINE and COMPLETE FILE options ... adding more flexibility and power to these new features.

Video presentation available here :


Upgrade Information for 07/12/2013 :

We recently added additional user defined Letter Address options for the IN <--> METRIC conversion option. Now every letter of the alphabet can be selected for conversion or not.


Upgrade Information for 03/28/2013 :

We have released a complete re-write of KipwareXC® with tons of enhancements and new features ... all wrapped in a state-of-the-art Microsoft .NET4 framework.

 You can view a new presentation video ... and get all the details in our BLOG post :





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