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Upgrade Information for 08/15/2019 :

We continue to work with Okuma America, their dealers and individual customers to enhance and upgrade CNC XChange per their requests and requirements.

The current version of CNC XChange at this writing is 17.2.0 ... sorry for the delay in getting the releases out to the public.

Their have been really too many enhancements since the last post to list individually here.

Should you require specific information ... or need to know if a specific feature is now available ... please contact Kentech Inc. at :

Voice : 508.754.1198

Email :


Upgrade Information for 01/23/2017 :

LOOK AHEAD capabilities that will place the next tool command on the current tool change command line

Ability for the user to configure a TOOL CHANE RETURN LINE that will be automatically added to the converted program prior to the tool change command.

More information and an in-depth article here :


Upgrade Information for 05/17/2016 :

New FADAL conversion options have been added to allow for conversion of FADAL TYPE1 G code to Okuma OSP G code. Options include :

The ability to STRIP out sub programs that appear at the top of the program ... Lxx to M17 format.

Stripped out sub programs are automatically written into their own text file and saved.

Users have the ability to choose to have the contents of the sub program auto-inserted where ever they are called in the main program ... or have a CALL command inserted instead of the file contents.


Upgrade Information for 02/26/2014 :

Revised some of the User Option settings to allow for more flexibility and power for user defined conversion options.

Removed some of the COMPLETE LINE REPLACEMENT options which were a bit limiting ... and added new options including now an UNLIMITED number of complete line triggers / replacements.

Added new user defined options to be perfomed PRE-CONVERSION. This allows the user to define triggers and replacements prior to the file conversion process. This was originally designed to accommodate Okuma alphanumeric N numbers such as NLAP and NRTRN where users can pre-define the conversion of these sequence variables into Fanuc compatible sequence numbers such as NLAP --> N8001 or NRTRN --> N8015.

Item #2 above has proven to have many other uses and has proven quite powerful and added quite a bit of flexibility to CNC XChange.

Item #2 above is also UNLIMITED ... so user can create an unlimited number of pre-conversion triggers / replacements.


Upgrade Information for 01/09/2014 :

Added the ability to invoke CNC XChange from a command line prompt to allow for batch conversions. The command line format is: exe call /Filename to be converted/ User Option Filename/fanuc or okuma ( format of the original file )/milling or turning ( type of program being converted )

Added new options for the User Option file which include the use of the following characters :

^ : This marker will cause the current line to be split where the marker is placed. For example :

T01^M06 would result in



~ : This marker will cause all lines where the marker is found to be split after the data of the letter address. For example :

M~ would result in the original line of


to be converted to




Upgrade Information for 12/06/2013 :

Additional HAAS conversion options for M97

Additional FADAL conversion options for L95 cycles

Additional OKUMA to FANUC conversion options to convert Okuma MODIN / MODOUT commands

CODE SPLITTING option for both milling and turning


Upgrade Information for 11/08/2013 :

User defined conversion options are now available for the START of the conversion and now also the END of the conversion. This features adds more flexibility and power as users can define an unlimited number of conversions that can take place at the start of the conversion process ... and also an unlimited number of conversions that can take place at the end of the conversion process.

Okuma to Fanuc CHAMFER conversion. Users can now select to have the Okuma A chamfer designations converted to either ABS X/Z coordinates for Fanuc ouput or INCREMENTAL U and W Fanuc output.

Additional HAAS code conversions for M97 and G13 commands are being developed for conversions to Okuma OSP output using USER TASK macro code.


Upgrade Information for 06/08/2013 :

We have released a 4 axis conversion option to the Fanuc <--> Okuma Turning Version of Kipware® CNC XChange.

This option will auto convert 4 axis programs that utilize Fanuc M Waiting Code and Okuma P Waiting Code format. Conversions area available from Fanuc to Okuma as well as Okuma to Fanuc.




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