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Update VS Upgrade




Kentech Inc. differentiates between and UPDATE and UPGRADE using the following criteria :


An UPDATE is defined as "bug fix" or patch to fix an error in the software source code. In the scheme of Version numbering ... UPDATES are the last two digits in the version #. For example in the Version # 11.2.3 ... ( 3 ) is the number of the UPDATE. When major changes are made or features added to the source code ... the major version # ... the first two digits of the version # ... are incremented up. Users are responsible to request an UPDATE installation if one has been released ... and can consult this document for the latest version numbers are releases of all Kipware® titles.


An UPGRADE is defined as a major release of a title where new features or options have been added that are so significant that a new major version is required. In the version number scheme as outlined above ... ( 11 ) would be the current major version #. ( 2 ) is defined as minor release where some minor features have been added but are not significant enough to warrant a major version number increase. UPGRADES can be purchased through the Kentech Inc. OnLine Store and are priced under a LESS THAN two year and GREATER than two years policy where purchasing an UPGRADE less than two years after the initial purchase will result in a reduced price. UPGRADE pricing can be reviewed in the store through this link.


Review current UPDATE information HERE


Review current UPGRADE information HERE






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