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UPGRADE Definition




What is the definition of a Kipware® UPGRADE


UPGRADES are considered major revisions to a Kipware® software title.


UPGRADES are usually provided free of charge for a period of (60) days from the date of purchase.


After the (60) day period, UPGRADES can be purchased through the Kentech Inc. OnLine Store.


UPGRADE information can be viewed under the appropriate title under the Table of Contents of this document.


Normally we will send out email notifications when an UPGRADE is available for a Kipware® title. However, oftentimes those emails can be erroneously re-directed to the JUNK, SPAM or TRASH folder of your email client.


Users can check this document periodically for current UPGRADE information.


It is the users responsibility to request a current build should they wish to receive an UPGRADE installation during the (60) day Warranty Period. Requests can be made using a SUPPORT TICKET ... through the Support page at


The version numbering system for all Kipware® titles follows the following structure of XX.YY.ZZ where :


XX is the main version number indicating the MASTER version number. This number changes whenever major changes are released for a title.

YY is the sub-version number indicating minor updates and changes that have been released for a title. Minor changes may mean major changes depending on the user requirements and point of view.

ZZ is the bug fix version number and indicates the level of updates / bug fixes that have been released for a title.




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