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Upgrade Information for 12/15/2020 :

Version 12.1.0 has been released and includes enhanced cutter compensation control for ROUGHING in turning operations.

Users can select to have cutter comp commands ( G41/ G42 ) executed in one of the following scenarios :

OFF ... cutter comp commands will not be output during roughing ... they will still be output for finishing is cutter comp ON is selected.

OUTSIDE the Cycle ... will cause the G41 / G42 command to be executed prior to the roughing canned cycle command lines.

INSIDE the Cycle ... will cause the G41 / G42 command to be executed after the roughing canned cycle command lines for controls that can accept that format.

Regardless of the above roughing setting ... G41 / G42 commands will be executed during finishing in the normal format if cutter comp ON is selected in the turning operation. Since finishing is performed under long hand G code format and not canned cycle format it will be employed as normal during the start-up block prior to the finishing contour.


Upgrade Information for 08/15/2019 :

We have added many new features to the SketchPad since the last post in this thread ... sorry for the delay in getting them out to the public.

We have added many new features to the TURNING version in support of C axis milling for live tool turning centers ... you can watch the video presentation through the link below :


Upgrade Information for 01/26/2015 :

Kentech Inc. is pleased to announce the release of the CYCLE MODE for the Kipware® SketchPad - Conversational CAD/CAM application. The MACHINIST MODE in the Kipware® SketchPad is our unique toolpath creation function that allows users to create G code programs for ANY shape and pattern by simply moving and double-clicking the mouse ... which is an on-screen simulation of a user defined cutting tool. Using RAPID, FEED, HORIZONTAL, VERTICAL, FREE HAND and now CYCLE modes ... users can quickly and easily create G code programs that has them in complete control of the cutting toolpath. No complex menus and no complex commands ... just move the mouse and double-click to record.

The new CYCLE mode adds even more control by allowing the user to control the DEPTH OF CUT with simple keystrokes of the keyboard ARROW keys. These keys combined with the RAPID and FEED modes allow for the fast and easy creation of ROUGHING toolpaths for ANY type of contour or shape.

A video presentation of the new CYCLE feature is available here :


Upgrade Information for 10/03/2014 :

The latest version of the Kipware® SketchPad ... 10.1.2 ... contain improvements and enhancements for the following :

DXF importing ... especially in relation to ARCS ... to enable improved importing of DXF files.

Element Chaining during machining ... relating to how the precision is calculated to help eliminate mis-match during auto-joining routine that would sometimes leave contours incomplete.


Upgrade Information for 09/03/2014 :

Recently released version 10.1.0 of the Kipware® SketchPad includes a revision and enhancement to the PRECISION and ROUNDING functions when creating a toolpath using the elements in the Element List Box.

This UPGRADE is especially pertinent when creating toolpaths from imported DXF files where the PRECISION of the elements imported is not sufficient and SketchPad cannot chain the elements to create a complete toolpath due to mis-matched element start / end points.


Upgrade Information for 08/18/2014 :

Kentech Inc. is pleased to announce the release of Version 10 of the Kipware® SketchPad - our Conversational CAD/CAM application that is available either as a stand-alone application and is also included standard with all Kipware® Conversational titles.

 Version 10 is released with many new features "under the hood" ... but also a couple not so hidden ones as a response to client requests. If you follow us on Twitter ( @kipware ) Facebook or through our Blogs ... you know that no machine shop software developer works harder to bring new features and new development to market more than Kentech Inc.. We are constantly publishing blog posts outlining our tons of new releases for all our software titles. As we continue the development of the Kipware® SketchPad into a more powerful drawing package ... we are also balancing the ease-of-use into our development. That thoughtful development has led us to two powerful and sought after features in a drawing package into this Version 10 SketchPad release.

TRIM : The new TRIM feature allows the users to simple select the (2) elements from the Element List box ... and have the SketchPad automatically determine the intersecting point of (2) entities and trim the excess from those entities at their auto-calculated intersecting point.

FILLET : The new FILLET feature works similar to the TRIM feature outlined above ... except will not only trim the entities but will also add a user defined radius between the (2) entities.

You can watch a video presentation of these new features on our YouTube Channel ... just click the link below.


Upgrade Information for 05/08/2014 :

New features released regarding the Element List box that include :

 Ability to scroll through the elements in the listbox and have the element highlighted out in the drawing during scrolling.

 Ability to highlight an element in the listbox ... press the E key ... and then edit the element for revision.

You can view these changes in video format here : 


Upgrade Information for 03/21/2014 :

We have added Y Axis Milling support to the Kipware® SketchPad.

 Users now have the ability to create Y axis milling G code for shapes on the FACE or the O.D..

A YouTube video demonstration is available on our YouTube Channel ( KTSoftware ):


Upgrade Information for 02/18/2014 :

Kentech Inc. is pleased to announce the release of our latest feature for Kipware® conversational CNC programming software ... KipwareCSF®.

KipwareCSF® is our machining speed and feed wizard for Kipware® conversational and will automatically calculate cutting parameters for conversational cycles as well as all Kipware® SketchPad machining menus based on a user defined cutting parameter database. This new STANDARD feature adds a tighter integration and auto-calculations for spindle speeds and cutting feedrates to Kipware® conversational.

The KipwareCSF® database is uniquely designed to be both easy to integrate and powerful with an unlimited capacity ... allowing the user complete control and greater flexibility than "book knowledge" speed and feed wizards.

KipwareCSF® calculations can be accessed inside ANY conversational machining menu in the Kipware® SketchPas as well as all Kipware® conversational menus ... making auto-calculations of cutting parameters and auto-insertion of those parameters smooth, quick and easy.

We invite you to explore KipwareCSF® and all the latest features through our new introductory video ... just click the link below.


Upgrade Information for 09/24/2013 :

This release adds the ability for users to define the type of coordinate input for drawing using (3) options :


Radius X and Z

Diameter X and Z

This feature allows for easier compatibility when drawing parts for turning ... user can now define elements using X and Z rather then just X and Y as previous.

The drawing coordinates are still independent of the G code coordinate output. Meaning users can still draw in X-Y and have the SketchPad auto-convert that into an X-Z G code program.


Upgrade Information for 04/18/2013 :

A new and innovative feature called the Machinist Mode has been released for the Kipware® SketchPad ... details and new video presentations can be found on the SketchPad page of the website or through this link : 






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