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Upgrade Information for 03/05/2021 :

Building on the upgrade for recording and incrementing Quote and Invoice #'s ... we have added new options for control of when the numbers increment up.

Added was a button under the SETTINGS menu to allow users to force an increment without having to exit the software.


Upgrade Information for 10/01/2020 :

Version 17.0.0 of KipwareQTE allows for the ability to configure auto incremented Quotation numbers and Invoice numbers.

This feature has been requested by multiple users as a way to manage Quote #'s ... and we included Invoice #'s as well.

Users can control the increment amount for quotations and invoicing individually and separately.

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Upgrade Information for 03/28/2019 :

Version 16.0.0 of KipwareQTE allows for the ability to track and compare costs using two new optional programs ... KipwareCRM® and KipwareMRP®.

Additional information and specification for these two new companion applications can be found through the links below :

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Upgrade Information for 04/27/2016 :

Version 15.0.2 of KipwareQTE® addresses bug fixes in the NON-MACHINING COST area.


Upgrade Information for 02/03/2016 :

An UPGRADE has been developed and released under Version 15.0.0 and include enhancements to the NON-MACHINING COST estimating portion of KipwareQTE®.

Changes include the integration of non-machining costs based on FIXED COST ... PER HOUR COST and now PER PIECE COST.

FIXED COST : users can add a fixed cost to the non-machining cost area for example ... $350 for plating

PER HOUR COST : users can add a cost to the non-machining cost area based on an hourly rate and the number of hours required to complete the task. For example .... deburring at $22.00 per hour with a total of 3 hours to complete the deburring. This will allow the user to store the hourly rate for the task in the NON-MACHINING DATABASE and to add that service to the quote through the drop-down list ... then input the number of hours required for that quote.

PER PIECE COST : users can add a simple cost per piece using this option ... and the costs will be amortized into the quote for the base quantity as well as for any other quantities that may be added at the QUOTATION CREATION step in the quote.

We felt that the older method was a little confusing ... and this new set-up will allow greater flexibility and clarity when adding NON-MACHINING COSTS to the estimate.


Upgrade Information for 03/05/2015 :

Announcing the release of Version 13.3.0 of KipwareQTE®.

This release contain improved PRINTING options that allows for the printing to any "device" available and registered with the OS on the PC.

This makes printing to PDF's and "virtual" style printing options possible ... enhancing output possibilities.


Upgrade Information for 08/04/2014 :

KipwareQTE® release 13.0.0 contains a new feature that allows the user to include SCRAP PERCENTAGE in the quotation and estimating process. A new field is available in the ESTIMATE INFORMATION screen where the user can define the % of scrap parts anticipated for the workpiece being estimated. In addition ... the user can select which areas of the estimate to include when calculating the cost of scrap. Users can select to include material ... and/or tooling ... and/or labor ... and/or non-machining costs.

For example : the user can select to only include material in the scrap equation.

KipwareQTE® will then include that calculated number of scrap parts and their associated costs into the estimate / quotation being created. Of course if multiple part quantities are being included in the estimate ... KipwareQTE® will do all the calculations and math for the various quantities as well.


Upgrade Information for 12/30/2013 :

Users can now see the currently opened estimate filename in the HEADER bar of the KipwareQTE® main page.






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