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Upgrade Information for 02/25/2022 :

Version 10.0.0 includes enhancements to the INCH / METRIC capabilities of the application.

Enhancements include the inclusion of BOTH an INCH based and METRIC based database for cutting parameters and machine specific parameters. User can now maintain BOTH databases andas separate entities and their use is made by the selected INCH / METRIC setting in the KipwareCYC® SETTINGS page.

We have also included the ability to auto-convert the MATERIAL CUTTING DATABASE and MACHINE DATABASE contents from INCH to METRIC and REVERSE with just a simple push of a button. KipwareCYC® takes care of all the work and will automatically convert the contents of the databases as selected by the user.



Upgrade Information for 04/14/2021 :

Version 9.2.0 includes the ability to auto-backup all database files along with an option to restore the last backup in the event it is needed.

Also in the SETTINGS is a field that displays the last backup date and time so users can be pro-active in creating backup's of all database files to prevent any unintended data loss.


Upgrade Information for 04/08/2021 :

Version 9.1.0 includes enhanced editing features for changing names of previously established MATERIALS and MACHINES.


Upgrade Information for 08/15/2019 :

We have released many upgrades to KipwareCYC® since the last post to this board ... sorry for the delay's in getting them out to the public.

We have added many new features to KipwareCYC® including :

Milling Calculator : assist users in estimating times for multiple part fixturing and multiple part rotary fixturing.

Turning Calculator : assist users in estimating times when multi-spindle machinery is in use.

Both of the above can be utilized not only in time estimating ... but in deciding whether or not building a fixture or using a multi-spindle machine is the better option.

Release of the Run Time Calculator (RTC) which will quickly auto calculate machine time and labor costs based on a cycletime estimate ... hours worked ... machine efficiency and other factors so users can quickly and easily see machine time required and labor costs involved for the cycletime estimate. You can watch the video presentation here.

New conversational length of cut screens for the Cut Length Calculator (CLC) for 3D milling ... taper turning ... pocketing with islands and more.

Handling Time Database ... where users can store handling time specs for things like 4th axis indexing ... sub spindle transfer ... parts catcher up / down ... just about whatever is required ... so that information can be easily added to an operation estimate just by selecting it from the database.


Upgrade Information for 11/17/2015 :

Kentech Inc. is pleased to announce the release of the Runtime Calculator (RTC) feature for KipwareCYC® – Machining Cycletime Estimating Software.

RTC is designed to allow users to quickly and easily calculate total hours total days and total labor costs for production runs from 1 to 1 million.

RTC can be used as a stand alone application with manual data entry or users can import previously created KipwareCYC® cycletime estimates and KipwareQTE® machine database information for more automated and accurate calculations.


Upgrade information for 09/16/2015 :

Kentech Inc. is pleased to announce the release of Version 7.0.0 of KipwareCYC®.

This release of version 7.0.0 of KipwareCYC® now includes the ability to take that single part estimate and research and calculate how that single part time will be effected by using :

Multiple pieces in a fixture

Multiple fixtures

4th axis or tombstone fixturing using multiple pieces per side of the tombstone while machining multiple sides of the tombstone

Multi-axis spindle and multi-turret turning centers

Swiss style turning centers

 Making use of many of our proprietary formulas already employed inside KipwareCYC® rapid time, cutting times and handling times ( indexing times ) can now be easily incorporated through the use of these new features and the Multi-Milling and Multi-Turning option screens.


Upgrade information for 3/25/2015 :

Announcing the release of Version 6.1.0 of KipwareCYC®.

This release contain improved PRINTING options that allows for the printing to any "device" available and registered with the OS on the PC. This makes printing to PDF's and "virtual" style printing options possible ... enhancing output possibilities.


Upgrade information for 4/11/2014 :

Kentech Inc. is pleased to announce the release of Version 6 of our KipwareCYC® - Machining Cycletime Estimating Software.

We are pleased to be able to address some of our users requests beginning with the expansion of our Cutting Parameter Database module. Users now have DOUBLE the capacity to add user defined sub-categories and cutting parameters for each individual machining operation.

For example : The number of sub-categories under Rough Milling for example has been expanded from (5) to (10) ... allowing for greater flexibility, speed and accuracy in the cycletime estimating module. This new expansion combined with the already UNLIMITED database capacity of the Cutting Parameter Database gives KipwareCYC® a new and more powerful layer of accuracy and flexibility. Each main machining operation now can have up to (10) sub categories. The (2) user defined machining operation also now have this expanded sub-category capability.

Version 5 users also have the ability to import their current ... older style databases ... into Version 6 with just a click of a single button ... making for a quick and easy UPGRADE.


Upgrade information for 9/25/2013 :

We have released the CLC SketchPad application that will allow users to import DXF files and then use our patent-pending Machinist Mode to drive a graphic representation of a cutting tool with the mouse. The end result is an auto-calculation by the CLC SketchPad for LENGTH OF CUT.

In addition : On 10/3/13 we released version 10.1.0 which now has the ability to SAVE cycles created through the conversational menus. For example ... create a facing cycle to determine the length of cut ... and now you can save that cycle and recall it later for faster calculations with less data input. You can save operations that you commonly use and recall them quickly and easily.


Upgrade information for 7/29/2013 :

(1) Bug fix for CLC - Square / Rectangular Pocket menu.







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